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Grunwald 2016

The biggest international horseback archery event in Poland.

Application form:

Starting Fee:
120 €
The starting fee includes: 
• competition
• horse rent
• 3 lunches during the competition time (1-3 May)
• competitor's set (among others - competition's official T-shirt)

• large common room for free (places are limitted, please bring your sleeping bag) 
• tent field for free (please bring your tent sleeping bags etc.) 
• cheap guest houses are available nearby (please let us know if we can help you with booking)

All Competitors who wishes to travel with their own horse, are more than welcome (although they will have to provide for their horse, the organizer will make it available to buy hay and oats) A temporary stable will be available for free.

Competition's schedule:
• 29 April - arrival
• 30 April - training day
• 1-3 May Horseback Archery Competitions

The competition will be held in the following styles:
• Hungarian Style
• Korean Style
• Grunwald Competition (basing on the Polish Style)
• Archery Tournament

All rules are available on the Polish Horseback Archery Association's web site –

First prize, for the winner of the whole competition - a Turkish bow made by Sylwester Styrczula and 3 Jalal thumb rings for winners of the Grunwald Competition.

If more informations needed please contact Jagoda (Blue) Tomaszewska
+48 507 191 033

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