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Sokcho - 11th World Horseback Archery Championship

After 4 days of competing Wojtek Osiecki became the Senior Vice Champion and Leszek Moniakowski the Junior Vice Champion. But all our Polish Team members did great - 3 of 4 of them were in the top 10. 

Among seniors:
World Champion - Emil Eriksson (Sweden),
1st vice World Champion - Wojtek Osiecki (Poland),
2nd vice World Champion - Glenn Montagu Weston (USA).
7th place Anna Sokólska

Among the juniors:
World Champion - Dorine Grelaud (France)
1st vice World Champion - Leszek Moniakowski (Poland),
2nd Vice World Champion - JoungMin (Korea)

Also in the particular tournaments our competitors did great:
Wojtek Osiecki won 2 medals - silver in Multiple Shot and bronze in Single Shot
Leszek Moniakowski 3 medals - golden in the Multiple Shot, and 2 silver in Single and Double Shot
Anna Sokólska 1 medal - silver in Double Shot
Radosław Kożuch was 11th in Double Shot

Congratulations to all competitors, winners, and above all for our representatives!

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