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We finished the Polish Cup 2015 and the Euroazian Cup.

27 competitors from 8 countries faced the starting line. In addition to the best 17 Poles, we were honored to host representatives from France, Germany, Sweden, Iran, India, Turkey and the United States. The competition's place and the high level of all participants guaranteed a great show.

During this 3 days, 3 Tournaments were held in the following styles - Korean Style, Hungarian Style and Polish Style. In addition to this, on Saturday and Sunday, an Traditional Archery Tournament was held in two Categories - Traditional and Open.

In the Hungarian Style, Anna Sokólska won with her horse Edetta. This duet colectted 150,97 pts and established the new Polish record in this Style. Second came Michał Piasek, also on the horse Eldetta, with 141,14 pts, third was Emil Eriksson from Sweden on Lidka, wtih 140,66 pts.

The Korean Style was won by Wojtek Osiecki on the horse Buffy, with 122,18 pts, second came Szczepan Łakomy on the horse Maciuś, with 117,68 pts, third once again Emil Eriksson with Lidka, with 113,09 pts.

On the last day was the Polish Style, which was won by Emil Eriksson on Lidka (130,61 pts), second came Anna Sokólska on Eldetta (109,05 pts), and third Wojtek Osiecki on Buffy (92,91 pts).

The general classyfication of this Competition won Emil Eriksson, second came Anna Sokólska, third Wojtek Osiecki.

The Polish Cup, as the best from all the Polish Competitors, won Anna Sokólska. Second came Wojtek Osiecki, third Michał Piasek.

The complete results are to be found under the following links below:

We would like to thank the director of the Wroclaw's Racecourse Partynice, Jerzy Sawka, and the coordinator of this project Sebastian Bezwiński - without their help we wouldn't be able to make this important event. We would also like to thank our volunteers and competitors for their help during this Competition. Also a big thank you to Paweł Złochowski, Firm Łukram and Łukbis for organizing the Traditional Archery Tournamen. 

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