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"Sarmackie Termopile" (Sarmatian Thermopylae) in Pisary

On the 12th of September, in the Sarmacja Stable, 12 Competitors and 7 horses competed on the Korean Track.

This were not only the first competition in this Stable, bot also the first competition in the lives of all the competitors. Maybe the results are not overwhelming, but we have to say, that all the participants started the journey with mounted archery, just this year in spring. Now it's time for them to train more and to try their skills during the next season.

Congratulations to Aleksandra Roesner and Leszek Lewandowski - the owners of the Sarmacja Stable - to their first event of this kind. We hope to see more of them in the future.

Official results:

place Competitor horse Total Points Points on Targets
1 Maciek Witalis Barca  41 22
2 Nataniel Dydyński Alaska 40  27
3 Katarzyna Mencfel  Barca  39  28
4 Paweł Zięba  Weda  22  23
5 Miłosz Dobosz  Mitra  21  13
6 Julia Korczyńska  Mitra  10  19
7 Ula Mikosz   Soraja  1 8
8  Maria Mazurek  Borys   1 3
9 Kaja Pisarska   Ganges  0 13
10 Kasia Podermańska Alaska   0 9
11 Maja Dobosz Soraja   7
12 Kinga Bartosik   Borys   0 6

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