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We have the European Champion!

After a great pervormance of the Polish Team during the European Horseback Archery Grand Prix, it's time for another victory. Wojtek Osiecki won the title of the European Champion!

After 2 days of competing, Wojtek had still 15 points than the leader of this event - Robin Descamps. But everything changed after the Polish Track, where Wojtek not only made up for the loss, he finished with a great score of 260,1 pts

But that's not all. We are also happy to inform, that two more Of the Polish team made it to the top 10. Congratulations to you all!

1 place.  Wojtek Osiecki na Mighty's Flower - 260,1 pkt.
2 place. Robin Descamps na Ulysse - 230,6 pkt.
3 place. Emil Eriksson na Latina - 206,2 pkt.

4 place. Bartosz Ligocki na Kathy - 196,7 pkt.
9 place. Leszek Moniakowski na R'Chinggis - 165,1 pkt.
11 place. Radosław Kożuch na Zadig - 161,4 pkt. 

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