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Baltic Shot - 2nd Mounted Archery Competition i Mrzeżyno

On the 5-6 September, in Mrzeżyno in Pestka Stable, took place the Baltic Shot - a competition on the seaside.

In this competition we had 11 pairs (archer + horse) from Poland and from abroad.

The main organizer of this event Borys Zalewski, had many reasons to be happy. Not only he won the competition on his own mare Willow, but also his student - the youngest participant of this competition , Aleksandra Dziśko and the horse Wena - were second. The 3rd place got Bartosz Krych on the gelding Rico. This was the first competition of Bartosz, so special congratulations to him.

We would like to thank the organizers of this competition - the Pestka Stable and Borys Zalewski - for such a great event, organized under the patronage of PSŁK. We are happy that this was the second edition of this competition. We hope for many more to come.

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