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The Polish Team won the Grand Prix!


This year's season of European Grand Prix Series came to an end. So it's time for a short summary.

This year we managed to organise competitions in three places: in May in Grunwald in Poland, in June in the French Gauchoux and August in Soderbykarl in Sweden.

The competition was attended by triple teams from 6 countries: Polish, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Hungary.

They fought in the Korean Style, Hungarian Style and in the third, proposed by the organizer: in Poland it was Polish Style, in France Hunt Track and in Sweden Turkish Style.

For the second time in a row Poland won the gold medal in general classification and is the Team European Champion!!!
1. m-ce POLAND (200 points).
2. m-ce Germany (152 points)
3. m-ce Sweden (137 points).
4. m-ce France (113 points).
5. m-ce Hungary (105 points).
6. m-ce United Kingdom (68 points).

For this success worked seven Poles:
- ANNA SOKÓLSKA on Eldetta (Grunwald),
- GABRIELA OSIECKA on Gingis (Gauchoux),
- WOJTEK OSIECKI on Belfegor and Quoquinette (Grunwald and Gauchoux),
- MICHAŁ TOMASZEWSKI to Hit (Grunwald),
- RADOSŁAW KOŻUCH on Quoquinette and Skipper (Gauchoux and Soderbykarl),
- BARTOSZ LIGOCKI on Fia (Soderbykarl),
- PAWEŁ KĘPCZYŃSKI on Skipper (Soderbykarl).

Our team six times occupied the first places in individual events, was second once and third twice.
However in the overall competition classification the team was always the first.
Our horseback archers also managed to establish maximum team results in Hungarian Style (Grunwald) and Korean Style (Gauchoux).

CONGRATULATIONS for another great success and we wish more in the coming seasons.
We also thank the organizers for their efforts in preparing the events.
And the horses appreciate the most, because without them none of these successes was.

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