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5th Polish Tatars' International Horseback Archery Competition in Supraśl

We would like to invite you to our 5th International Polish Tatars’ Horseback Archery Competition in Supraśl which will be held on the 8-10 July. The Application Form will show up on this facebook profile tomorrow (2nd July) at 8 p.m. The Competition will be held in 3 styles: Polish, Hungarian and Korean.

Starting fee:
50 euro, includes – horse rent,
one welcome dinner on Saturday evening,
From the moment you register, you have time up to the 20th of July to pay the Starting fee (transfer and payPal date are below), otherwise your reservation will be canceled, and the next person from the reserve list will take the place.

Friday – Polish Style
Saturday – Hungarian Style
Sunday – Korean Style + closing ceremony

Competition Rules are to be find here

If more information needed please contact with our competition coordinator
Jagoda Tomaszewska through:
facebook (Jagoda Maria Franciszek Tomaszewska)
or phone +48 507 191 033
We hope to see you soon!

events' facebook profile

Transfer date:
ul. Grodzieńska 1
16-100 Sokółka
NIP 5451802112 REGON 200383644
Nr konta: : 66 1140 2017 0000 4002 1201 0197


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