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Competitions 2014

This year seems to be even more busy than the last for members of the Polish Horseback Archery Association. Below we present the horseback archery competitions and events for this year. We hope to see you there!


Calendar 2014
date place
26.IV-03.V GrunwaldInternational Horseback Archery Competition 
16-18.V Gródek, Horseback Archery Competition in the Stable Jarczak
06-08.VI Sweden,  2nd Round of the European Horseback Archery Grand Prix Series
16-20.VI Rättvik (Sweden), DHA Hunt track Cup
28.VI Warsaw, International Horseback Archery Competition in Warsaw
04-06.VII Legnickie Pole near Wroclaw, Return of Czingis-Chan III International Horseback Archery Competition
25-.27 VII Rakownia (near Poznania), Horseback Archery Wielkopolska Cup "Arrow in crown"
08-10.VIII Supraśl near Białystok, IV Polish Tatars International Horseback Archery Competition
13-14.IX Gródek (near Warszawy), II Horseback Arhery Competition in Jarczak Stable
20-21.IX UK, European Horseback Archery Grand Prix Series Finals 
02-06.X Sokcho (Korea), The 10th World Horseback Archery Championship

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