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Trainings 2014


Here you will find information about classes, seminars and training camps that will take place in 2014. You can also follow us on our facebook profile  . If you wish to get more details, please contact Michał Choczaj ( or Jagoda Tomaszewska ( .

  • Horseback Archery Indoor Seminars in Supraśl 8-10.III
  • Horseback Archery Seminars in Supraśl 07-09.III
  • Horseback Archery Training Camp in Grunwald 26-30.IV
  • Terrain Horseback Archery Classes in Olszyny (near Szczytno) 07-10.V
  • Horseback Archery Seminars (6 days) in Supraśl 14-19.VII
  • Horseback Archery Seminars (4 days) in Supraśl 28-31.VII; 11-14.VIII; 25-28.VIII

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