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Grunwald 2016

The bigest International Horseback Archery Competition in Poland is now open for registrations.

New dates of Polish Horseback Archery Competitions



See the new dates of Polish Horseback Archery Competitions.

Merry Christmas

We hope that in 2016 all of your dreams come true, all of the most incredible ideas be possible. With positive smile, and Christmas spirit, wishing you great family and friends time, Polish Horseback Archery Association. Let the merry mood and harmony be with you all year long!

Sokcho - 11th World Horseback Archery Championship



Great news from the 11th WHAC - after 4 days of competing Wojtek Osiecki became the Senior Vice Champion and Leszek Moniakowski the Junior Vice Champion.

We finished the Polish Cup 2015 and the Euroazian Cup.



In the days 11-13.09.2015 , the Wroclaw's Racecourse Partynice was hosting the Championship of Eurasia and I Polish Cup horse archery.

"Sarmackie Termopile" (Sarmatian Thermopylae) in Pisary



On the 12th of September, 12 Competitors and 7 horses competed on the Korean Track.

We have the European Champion!

Baltic Shot - 2nd Mounted Archery Competition i Mrzeżyno



On the 5-6 September, in Mrzeżyno in Pestka Stable, took place the Baltic Shot - a competition on the seaside.

The Polish Team won the Grand Prix!



For the second time, the Polish Team won the final Stage of the European Grand Prix Series, and in the same time won the whole GP.

VI International Polish Tatars' Horseback Archery Competition



Join us for the VI International Polish Tatars' Horseback Archery Competition

14-16 August 2015, at The Bialystok Open Air Museum

Polish Cup

Dear Friends we would like to invite you all to our Polish Cup for the 11 - 13 September 2015, to Wrocław's racetrack "Partynice". We expect Competitors from over 20 countries to take part in this great event. We would be honored if you would like to join us.

PHAA and Ameoli cooperation.

4th International Horseback Archery Competition and Grand Prix Series at Grunwald


46 competitors from 9 countries - results after 3 days of competing

A Styrczula bow to be won!

4th International Horseback Archery Competiton at the Grunwald Battle Field

In the coming days, from the 1st to the 3rd of May, on the Grunwald's Battlefield we will have one of the largest horseback archery competition in the world.

5th Polish Tatars' International Horseback Archery Competition in Supraśl

We would like to invite you to the 5th edition of this extraordinary competition held in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland

Kassai Horsearchery Open World Cup




4-5 July 2014 - a Competition organized by the legend of the Horseback Archery World - Lajos Kassai


International Horseback Archery Competition in Warsaw "Orsza Battle"


Even though the weather was trying to discourage us – Mother Nature tried to drown and burn as alive at the same time – we managed to finish our I Competition International Horseback Archery Competition in Warsaw

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